The O’Brien Family Tartan

September 22nd, 2002 by Mike O'Brien

From the book ‘World Tartans’ by Iain Zaczek


O'Brien Family TartanThe O’Briens are one of the Great Dynastic families of Irish history. They take their name from Brian Boru (941-1014), the greatest of the high kings. After successes at Limerick and Cashel, he went on to achieve a decisive victory over the Vikings at the battle of Clontarf (1014), although he lost his life in the process. The O’Brien heartlands were in Thomond (North Munster), and they became earls of Thomond and Inchiquin. They were famed as soldiers, a calling that Murrough O’Brien (1614-1674) practised so enthusiastically that he became known as Murrough of the Burnings. The tartan is comparatively modern, owing its design to an Australian, Edward John O’Brien.

I’m sure you will enjoy the photo.

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