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"This Website was formed to promote the interests of all O'Briens (O'Briain, O'Brian, O'Briant, O'Breen, O'Bryen, O'Bryon, O'Bryan, O'Bryant, Bryan, Bryant, Bryen, Brian, Brien, Briend, Briens, Brine, Brion, MacBrien, MacBryen, McBrian, McBrien, McBryen and other fine families) who are descended from our progenitor, Brian Boru."

The O'Brien Clan is pleased to announce the completion of our new public website.

Please enjoy the new site, as well as the new content.


Sir Conor O'Brien
Sir Conor O'Brien, Prince of Thomond and Chief of the O'Brien Clan. Click above to read more about the Chief.

How to Help

We have many opportunities to help build our Clan through Chapters, festivals, etc. You may participate in the administration of one or more of the Clan's programs as a volunteer. Please contact a Clan representative for information.

Thank you.


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